This store is dedicated to support the Playing For Change Foundation. 100% of the profits will be allocated to our music programs, serving children and youth across 13 countries.

The Playing For Change Foundation is an international non-profit organization established in 2007 to create positive change through music and arts education. 

Most products in this store will be printed and shipped on demand. We work with a high quality printing company that has different warehouses around the world so when you order a product it is being created and fulfilled in your area. Instead of managing stocks, unsold items and ship products on the other side of the planet we made the choice to work exclusively on demand. 

Musical instruments are being sold through dropshipping: the instrument maker will send the item directly to the purchaser or beneficiary of the purchase.

If you buy a musical instrument or a special product and an on-demand item (shirts, apparel, accessories, posters) you will receive 2 different packages.  

For questions regarding shipping or bulk orders please email us at shop@playingforchange.org 

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The PFC Foundation engages marginalized youth in diverse communities around the world, primarily located in low and lower-middle income countries. These communities are home to great cultural wealth, which we use to create educational and social opportunities. 

PFC Foundation video overview:

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